Covid -19 reborn dolls and how we are moving forward

coronavirus and moving forward

Covid 19 reborn dolls and how we are moving forward

Wow, didn’t see that coming, did you? I wanted to address the Coronavirus Covid-19 and how we are moving forward. Here at Keepsake Cuties Nursery, we were and still are impacted by the ripple effects of this Coronavirus. Even though NO ONE directly came down with the Coronavirus, we saw first hand in our little business change. We had to take a step back and look at all the ways the virus has impacted our little reborn doll store and how we could minimize the damage. But first here are some of the obstacles we have delt with or that we are still facing:

  1. We were scheduled to attend 3 Dolls show thru out the USA this year. All have cancelled. But not before, time and money were invested into the supplies to make dolls, the booth and table designs for each show and advertising cost. Granted we can sell some of our dolls here, but other cost were lost and the marketing potential was also lost.
  2. We have been limited in our ability to obtain, supplies to make the dolls we want to create. China was shut down for many many months and this has impacted my wholesale suppliers and the ability to obtain some of the supplies and kits we need. As our suppliers, have limited to NO stock, the trickles down to the reseller.
  3. We has also had to shut down our one on one and group classes that we offered in our studio. Due to limiting contact and government mandated orders.
  4. Due to the limited supplies we are able to obtain currently, we are no longer offering some of the kits and supplies that we have carried in the past, as these items are now out of stock.

Keepsake Cuties Nursery, has had to take a step back , so to speak. We have been rolling with the ebbs and flow of this pandemic, even though it has limited us on may home fronts, we are moving forward.

So, how are we moving forward? We are taking baby steps to evaluate how we are dealing with this pandemic, how we obtaining supplies, how we can be more effective in our services,and how we can help you –  our customer. Here are how we are dealing with the above mentioned issue:

  1. We have so far rescheduled 2 out of the 3 dolls shows we had planned to attend in 2020. These are the IDT&S  or International Doll and Teddy Show, The Kansas Doll Show. WE have yet to secure our spot again with the Rose Doll Expo Show. We will update you when that happens. BUT, We were able to signup for a NEW Doll Show that will take place in Las Vegas in February 2021 called the Winter Doll Show. We are looking forward to all the Doll Shows in 2021.
  2. We are still very limited on supplies and the kits we need to make the dolls we want to make or dolls that our customers want us to make for them. Therefor, we are keeping an eye on the supply line and hope to be back up soon in this area.
  3. We are not currently offering classes in our studio. But we are looking at ways to offer classes online. This will take time and training. Look for more information to come soon.
  4. We are again looking at all supply lines and even the possibility of adding other options to obtaining our kits and supplies. As, we  obtain more inventory and supplies we will list them here  or in our ebay store (keepsakecutiesnursery). So, keep checking back with us or send us a message, we may have it in stock, but willing to release it by a certain date.
  5. We are looking at other ideas, to improve out overall business model. More to come in the future.

Again, We are moving forward, despite we had to slow down and even limit what we had to offer due to this crazy mess. We are healthy and plan on coming back bigger and stronger. The pandemic has shown us several of our weaknesses in our business model, areas we need to improve, areas that worked and most importantly, that we really appreciate you our customers.  We hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and health. If you need a custom doll or anything reborn related, please let us see if we can help, after all we are all in this together.