Complete reborn doll kit – Make your own reborn baby doll


Complete Reborn doll kit – Make your own reborn baby dollLexi Complete reborn doll kit to make your own reborn doll.

reborn doll complete starter kit


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Complete Reborn doll kit – Make your own reborn baby doll

Lexi Complete reborn doll kit to make your own reborn doll.


Great News… you can now make your own reborn baby.

This Basic Starter Beginner Reborn Doll kits contains what you need to get you started in the right direction

all at a GREAT  PRICE. to make your own reborn doll.   Don’t wait as supplies are limited.

This Complete kit is for the Lexi Sculpt by Sandra White

Basic Starter Kit Includes:

Reborn doll kit made of Extra Soft Bountiful Baby Babyskin™ vinyl.  Includes UNFINISHED/unpainted head, arms and legs.

A soft doe suede body with 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs to make an aprox 18″ baby doll

Four pounds of glass beads – (not sand)

One pair of nylons for containing the glass beads

Aleene’s tacky glue

Nine jar set of Custom Genesis Heat SET  Paints- see below you will need a heat source to set the paints

Genesis Thinning Medium- 1 jar

Paint Brush 10 piece set for painting with Genesis paints

Round aluminum paint palette in silver

Curved Hemostats

Nippers to cut cables

Hair cutting and styling comb

1/4 ounce of mohair (I choose color based on stock on hand)

Rooting Tool with 5 needles

Approximately 2 ozs of poly-fil

A Full package of Cosmetic Rounds

Cosmetic Wedges or sponge- a Full package of 28

Denise Pratt’s DVD – How to make a Reborn Baby Dolls

Square of Maroon felt to back the nose

Eyelashes (I choose based on hair color)


Sea sponge

Eyes (you only get this if your baby is an open eyed. I choose color)


You can make your very own reborn doll and save hundreds of dollars. This kit is for the new reborn doll artist to paint their own Lexi kit. This kit has general instructions for your to make you the artist of your very own one of a kind reborn doll.

****PLEASE NOTE – YOU WILL NEED TO GET YOUR OWN PAINT THINNER AS , THIS IS HARD TO SHIP. I USE MONA LISA OR BOB ROSS – LOW ODOR THINNER. Also you will need to buy clothes for your baby as this is not include ( pictures of the finished doll and  clothes are for reference only and not included). You will also need to use your home oven or purchase a heat set gun or table top convection oven to set your paints.

Also, all sales are final with no returns, but please ask questions before you make your purchase. You can contact us here.

shipping is for USA only, International Buyers will be sent a separate invoice for shipping to their country. International buyers are responsible for their own countries custom/import/tax fees.