Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

A Reborn doll is a vinyl doll that is made to look like a realistic baby. It is painted by a Artist and not massed produced in a factory. Do not be fooled by many scam websites that label their products as Reborn Dolls, it more than likely is not a true authentic reborn doll. Here at Keepsake Cuties Nursery, we make reborn dolls from a vinyl kit, and add layer upon layer of paints that are heat set or baked into the vinyl for durability. It can take a reborn doll artist days to months to create a realistic doll, depending on skill level, skill required, and customers preferences. Reborn doll kits , are produced by sculptors. They take a chunk of clay and sculpt it into the resemblance of a life like baby. It is then sent to a factory thru out the world, to be turned into blank vinyl pieces. These pieces are then bought by a reborn doll artist and then turned into a work of art. It takes a reborn doll artist many stages to turn this blank vinyl kit into a piece of art that looks like a realistic baby. Many artist use different techniques to create these dolls. Reborn dolls are mainly made for the Adult collector, and not for children as they will have many tiny or small pieces, that could cause choking hazard. Also, artist will use varying quality of materials to create these dolls, so be sure to ask the artist the right questions about how they construct their reborn doll art. Here at Keepsake Cuties Nursery, we use top quality materials to make our dolls. We understand that a reborn doll is an investment. So, What is a Reborn Doll? the answer can vary from person to person, but to answer simply, it is a vinyl doll that is made by a artist, to resemble a life like baby.
You can make a reborn doll with our complete reborn doll kits. There are tons of reborn doll sites that will scam you, but we are here to help you get started as we have been helping artist for well over 10 years. These complete kits contain, most of the materials and supplies to make your own reborn doll. You will, get a vinyl kit , heat set paints, brushes, tools, body, eyes, lashes, DVD on how to make a reborn doll and so much more. You can save hundreds of dollars, by making a reborn doll yourself. Plus if you buy from Keepsake Cuties Nursery you will get help with all your questions by way of email. We have been selling these kits to help new reborn artist to get started, or for anyone who wants to save on the cost of having one made by an artist. Our compete kits contain more supplies than any other one in the market. You will have to buy paint thinner, as this is hard to ship, and we recommend Mona Lisa or Bob Ross low odor thinner, which you can get at most local craft stores. Yes, you can do this, we have helped hundreds of people get started to make a reborn doll. Here are the basic steps in making a reborn doll: 1. Get a vinyl kit 2. Wash and dry the kit to remove all the oils. 3. Paint the undertones of the kit, meaning the creases, shadows, blushing, veining and etc. 4. Bake your kit in an oven at 265 degrees for 15 minutes, after each layer or stage of painting. Let the kit cool before you add more paint. 5. Paint an overall mottling to the whole kit based on the ethnicity of your baby. 6. Continue painting layers of paint and baking after each layer. 7. Once painting is complete, seal the kit with matt varnish, to protect the kit. 8. You will either paint hair or Root the mohair, and seal it. 9. Cut and style your babies head. 10. Add eyes if your baby has these, and eyelashes. 11. Assemble the body, but stuffing and adding weight to it. 12. Dress your baby! You did it, the baby is all done. It it that easy. If you do not want to make your own reborn baby you can always buy one from us already made or you can request a custom made reborn doll.
Yes, we do make custom reborn dolls! It has been our pleasure for well over 12 plus years to make customers their special one of a kind reborn doll that is a work of art. We have sold custom dolls all over the world to many happy reborn moms and dad’s. We love bringing a blank piece of vinyl to life. Custom dolls take many many hours to make, as we do not rush the creative process. So, if you want a custom made reborn doll please note it will take from weeks to up to 2 months depending on the details you want. If you want to place an order for a custom doll, you have two options: 1. Use our contact form and let us know what you want – name of kit, and the details you want you baby to have, such as skin tone, hair color, eye color etc. 2. You can go to the categories tab at the top of the homepage and find custom reborn dolls, this will show you the current available kits I have in stock to make you a custom reborn doll. It is that simple.
If you find a website that advertises the term: silicone vinyl reborn doll, or similar Do not go there. It is more than likely a fraud or scam site. There is no such thing as a silicone vinyl reborn doll! You can either have a reborn doll made with vinyl or a silicone reborn that is made with silicone. They have two different materials to make them and the chemical makeup will not allow the vinyl components and the silicone components to be mixed. Silicone is a very picky chemical compound and will not mix with many other chemicals. So, if you see any website or ad that offers this know it is a scam to get your money. A silicone reborn doll is made of full silicone or a partial body parts with a cloth body. It will require special care as it is not as durable as a vinyl reborn doll. It will also cost more meaning thousands of dollars, as it is so labor intensive. First a sculptor has to hand sculpt a baby out of clay then it will have to be molded and poured into silicone, then repaired if needed. Painted and rooted and then assembled. It can take hundreds of hours to make a real silicone doll. Again, so if you see a cheap price under $500, beware it may be a scam site. Also, if you are looking for a reborn doll made of vinyl, you can expect to pay for an unpainted kit alone (meaning before it is painted and hair rooted) upward to over $200. So, again if you see a reborn doll being advertised for under $200, don’t buy it or at the very least ask for more information, such as more pictures to show you the exact doll you will get. Many of the scam sites, realized the popularity for silicone reborn dolls as it became very sought after within the last 5 years, so they have added the term: silicone vinyl reborn doll, to their website to bait and switch you, because they believe you will not understand what you want and what you are getting. Originally, the term: reborn doll was used to sell realistic vinyl dolls that looked like a real baby. Then silicone reborn dolls were being made to make the doll feel more like human skin. But the scammers, mixed the two terms to gain more traffic to their site. Again, you can either have a reborn doll made of vinyl or a reborn doll made of silicone, but they will not be both.