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Reborn Doll - Custom Order

Reborn Doll - Custom Order

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Please enter the name of the reborn newborn kit you want me to make into a Beautiful reborn baby. I have reborn kits in my shop or you can list one you have or find somewhere else. This price is good for up to 21", any kit above this size will costs more, so please contact me for more details.
Pick your Reborn Babies skin tone as close as possible, remember the artist will do her best to get as close as possible, but ultimately it is up to her to paint the skin tone she invisions. Photos are helpful, and suggested to help the reborn artist get as close as she can with her skills, to make a beautiful baby that is similar to the skin tones you pick.
You will get to pick the color of your babies hair. It will be rooted with mohair, unless human hair is discussed prior to the sell.
Pick the Mohair type you want your baby to have. Do you want Straight hair, Wavy or Curly hair.
Please choose 1 option
Pick your babies hair length.
Please choose 1 option
Pick the color of eyes for your reborn. This choice is for polymer half round eyes only. If you want glass eyes, it will be an add on product and costs more money. Please contact me with questions.

Reborn Doll  - Custom Doll Order

 You can now order a  CUSTOM REBORN DOLL –  add this to your cart if you want a custom doll.  You will get to tell me: the skin tone, eye color, and hair style and color. I  will choose the rest based on my artistic ability. Continue to read below so, you know what your custom reborn comes with. You can look at my sold babies and if you like one you can order a custom if the kit is currently available. Or you can let me know if you have another kit in mind. I have made hundreds of custom reborn babies. 


1. YOU get to Pick Reborn vinyl kit from my store or if you have a kit already let me know and I can adjust the price. Or, you can buy a reborn kit from another supplier and have it shipped to me.  Just add the name of the kit up to a newborn size 21 Inches, that is currently available that you want. If you want a bigger baby, it will be more money, so please contact me about price. The body will be determined by the kit you pick. 

2. Skin Tone

3. Hair Color

4. Hair Type

5. Hair Length

6 Eye Color

The rest of the details will be up to me, as the artist. You can send photos to me to help explain your details so we can discuss. YOUR Baby,  WILL BE PAINTED WITH GENESIS HEAT SET PAINTS and STUFFED AND WEIGHTED WITH GLASS BEADS AND POLY-FIL. It will take up to 6 weeks to make your baby. Once you place an order, I then source the kit and supplies to make your baby.  I will send a photo of the blank kit when I start your baby and then again, when the baby is finished and ready to ship. You can ask questions all alone the process. 


YOUR CUSTOM DOLL as per the  Current available KIT up to a 21" newborn size, you selected- with your details 





COA- Certificate from Keepsake Cuties Nursery with Birth details


Please remember this is just a base price for a newborn reborn, if you want special details that will cost extra. Also, keep in mind that SOLE ( sold out limited editions are an extra cost as we will have to find one that is being sold on the secondary market). Please ask questions, before you buy.  

It will take up to 6 weeks to complete your reborn doll. We will keep you informed every step of the way. You will get two sets of photos - one to show we have started, and the second for your approval of your doll before we ship. It's that easy. 

Please read the policies page to understand that reborn dolls are made just for you and therefor are nonreturnable and nonrefundable. Please ask questions before you buy because all sales are final. Use our contact us link, with any questions about ordering a custom made reborn doll from our site.

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