Yophi Doll Show 2023

Yophi Doll Show 2023

The Yophi Doll Show is another new venue in 2023. It will be taking place in December in Orlando, Florida. The dates will be December 1st - 4th with the show portion taking place on Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th, but classes will take place on the 1st and 2nd. The them is a Disney Christmas with Mickey and Minnie. Oh, So much fun.

The event will be at: 
6515 International Dr Orlando, Florida 32819
Reservations: 866.994.3157

There will be over 60 Vendors or Exhibitors from all over the world to showcase their reborns and other dolls. Here is a list of those artists, that plan on attending the show. 



  1. Elise Rodriguez
  2. Susan Gibbs
  3. Jennie Lee
  4. Rhonda Goucher Cox
  5. Maddie Bugs Reborn Nursery
  6. Marion White
  10. Tiffany Acosta
  13. Laura Tuzio
  16. Yophi Babies
  17. Paqui Galan
  18. Alejandra de Zuñiga Babies
  20. Cyndi Weaver Wilson
  21. Angie Lovcik
  22. Julie Smith McOmber
  23. Lattishia Smith
  24. Beatriz Serna
  25. Sandra Guerrero Rodriguez
  26. Virginia Comish
  27. Maria Lynn Grover
  28. Silver Hamilton
  29. Shiloh Birmingham
  30. Adriana Moreno
  31. Esther Romain
  32. Jane Cotsamire
  33. Lorna Miller Sands
  34. Dánae Culbreth
  35. Colette Bivens
  36. Kasie Rizan
  37. Dawn Donofrio
  38. Kristina Backoefer
  39. Nina Neeley


201 Jodie Lombardo
203 Jennifer Sapp Spence
204 Julie Beck
205 Tamara Bailey
206 Julie Ann Beckman
208 Sharon Thibodeaux
213 Michelle W Kight
214 Brandi Michelle Walker
215 Shelby Hammond *** Keepsake Cuties Nursery - come see us
216 Flory Castro
217 Rachelle Lee
218 Rachelle Lee
219 Monika Pendygraft
220 Monika Pendygraft
221 Monika Pendygraft
222 Belinda Woldruff
223 Lisa Jetton
224 Lisa Jetton
225 Patricia Rowe
226 Anna Peterson
227 Jennifer Price
228 Melody Hess
229 Sharon Thibodeaux
230 Deannea Tranter
232 Jill Defenderfer
233 Lawrence Manning
234 Linda Steinert
235 Raine Bond
236 Patricia Rowe
There will be classes, contest, baby shower and surprise events to add to the excitment. Here is the schedule for the Yophi Doll Show 2023.
Yophi Doll Show Schedule 2023
Please plan to attend as this will be a Great Opportunity to pick our a reborn doll, just before Christmas as well as to have some fun before the end of the year. If you want more information please go here.