Reborn Doll Shows 2023

Reborn Doll Shows in 2023

Can you believe it is time for Reborn Dolls Shows in 2023 to happen? Time seems to fly by so fast between the years and the Reborn Shows. This year is so exciting as we have a few new shows to announce and that Keepsake Cuties Nursery will be showcasing their reborns in. We will be planning to attend 3 shows in 2023 and we will announce them below in the order they are happening. But, unfortunately another past Doll show will not be happening this year, and it was the biggest reborn show in Layton Utah, called Rose Doll Expo. The Owners, Bountiful Baby have decided to put it on hold until 2024. But Don't worry you can find 3 shows happening still on the east cost and midwest and we invite you to attend with us, and if you stop  by and say you read this article, then we have a surprise waiting for you. Plus, Keepsake Cuties Nursery will be offering Reborns, Silicone Dolls and so much more, so stop by and say hi.

Keepsake Cuties Nursery is providing this FREE information to help promote the Reborn Doll Community in the USA,  and to help promote places you can find authentic reborn and silicone dolls. Each Doll Show venue is owned by it's respective owners and not by Keepsake Cuites Nursery, nor are we compensated for advertising for them. We include this information for the public to see that Keepsake Cuties Nursery is involved in the Reborn Community, and to give reborn collectors information about reborn shows in general so that they may be informed and plan to attend. For more detailed information about each show venue, reach out to them individually, as their links are provided below. Should you have any questions about the shows we attend, please just ask we will be happy to assist. 


Dolls of the World Expo

The Dolls of the World Expo Show is New for 2023, and will be at the Hilton Raleigh North Hills, at 3415 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, North Carolina. The dates are June 21st - June 25th 2023. This years theme, is Beatrix potter inspired, so it should be so much fun, with Games, and Reborns,. So make plans now to attend. Keepsake Cuties Nursery will be at table #49, so plan on see you there, as we will have reborns, silicone dolls and so much more.

 Dolls of the World Expo - Artist Shelby Hammond with Keepsake Cuties Nursery

Dolls of the World Expo map 2023

You can learn more about the Dolls of the World Expo Here.



Kansas Doll Show 2023

The Second Reborn Doll Show of 2023 will the Kansas Doll show in Wichita, Kansas on September 2nd and 3rd. The theme is Under the Sea, oh, so much fun. Vendors come from all over the world to showcase their reborns and silicone dolls. Keepsake Cuties Nursery will be the first table by the door, table # 47, so go thru the doors and we am on the right, you can't miss us. We will have reborns, silicone dolls and supplies and giveaways. We can't wait to see you. 

Kansas Doll Show 2023 Map

 You can find more information about Kansas Doll Show Here.



Yophi Doll Show 2023

This will be the third Reborn Doll Show of 2023. The Yophi Doll Show is another New Doll Show venue, that Keepsake Cuties Nursery will be attending and will be at table #215. It is in Orlando Florida in December 1st - December 4th. The theme is Mickey and Minne Christmas. Oh, it is going to be so much fun, so don't miss out. Come join us and get your reborn doll shopping done for Christmas gift giving. 

Yophi Doll Show 2023 Map
To find out more about the Yophi Doll Show click here. 
To find out more about each individual show be sure to go to each dolls shows individual page. We hope to see you at all the Doll Shows in 2023.