At Keepsake Cuties Nursery, we offer Reborns, Silicone Dolls, as well as Reborn Kits, and other Doll Supplies. We have been working well over 10 years making beautiful Reborn Dolls for Collectors all over the world. At Keepsake Cuties Nursery we offer custom made reborn baby dolls and kits to make your own reborn baby doll. We have been in the Reborn doll business for many years, helping new artist get started. We have also sold many custom made doll to collectors all over the world. You choose the details you want for your baby, and we make it happen. Our goal is to make the most realistic reborns that will bring pure enjoyment to the collector. We are happy to discuss your needs or desires concerning your custom one of a kind reborn baby doll as well as silicone reborn dolls.

WHAT WE OFFER. Reborns, Silicone dolls, reborn kits and supplies for all artist. So, if you are an Artist or collector, we are here to help you all along the process of collecting or making a keepsake doll. This site also provides information about the reborn Doll shows we attend, and would invite you to attend show near you. More information can be found in the tabs above.

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