Dolls Of The World Expo 2023

Dolls of the World Expo - Dates 2023

The Dolls of the World Expo Show is making it debut in June 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina and is owned by Bobbi Barfoot of TruBornes and Melody Hess.  So many people are excited to have a new major reborns show on the east coast. Keepsake Cuties Nursery is attending and has a table, but we have listed this information about the show, as we have had many collectors wanting to know more about reborn shows in general and the shows we attend. This Expo will feature many kinds of reborn dolls from all around the world, but mainly reborns and silicones from the USA. There are classes and many fun events being offered. So, if you are looking for reborns and other dolls, plan on stopping in and seeing us. The show will be located at: 

Hilton Raleigh North Hills
3415 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, North Carolina
Here is the details: 
Dolls of the world Expo- Information for 2023

CLASSES: Wednesday June 21, 2023 8 am to 5 pm

             Thursday June 22, 2023 8 am to 5 pm

VENDOR SET UP: Friday June 23, 2023. 10 am to 4 pm

BABY SHOWER: Friday June 23 7 pm to 9 pm

AWARDS BANQUET: Saturday June 24. 7 pm to 9 pm

SHOW HOURS: Saturday June 24, 2023. 9:30 am to 4 pm

Sunday June 25, 2023. 10 am to 4 pm.


The cost of the tickets:

Dolls of the World Expo cost 2023


For the events, they will be having a Baby Shower and an Awards Banquet. you can find more information here. 

But who are the Artist and Vendors going to be? See the list below but keep in mind that the vendors may change before the actually show happens.

Dolls of the World Expo - Exhibitor list 2023


1.  Julie Molloy
2. Julie Molloy
3. Reserved 
4. Jorja Pigott
5. Reserved 
6. Ronda Cox/ Brittany Sylvester
7. Kelli Maple
8. Marita Winters
9. Laurie Duncan
10. Alejandra De Zuniga
11. Laurie Sullivan Roy
12. Shiloh Birmingham
13. Maria Grover 
14. Kathy Gentry
15. Colette Bivens
16. Tru Born
17. Melody Hess 
18. Jacqueline Kramer
19. Raven Miller
20. Esther Romain
21. Silicone Studio
22. Stacey Haskins
23. Jennie Lee
24. Susan Gibbs
25. Laura Tuzio Ross
26. Ashten Bryant
27. Angela Wilkens
28. Raine Bond
29. Vicki Traufler 
30. Jayk Kearns
31. Elsie Rodriguez 
32. Brandi Walker
33. Lanise Richardson
34. Julie Beck
35. Jennifer Spence
36. Jennifer Spence 
37. Jeanene Candelaria
38. Denae Culbreth
39. Jennifer Costello
40/41. Vivian Zamora 
42/43. Martha Schaffer
44. Michelle Hagins
45. Belinda Woldruff
46. Stephanie Hayes
47. Michelles Manning
48. Flory Castro
***49. Shelby Hammond- Keepsake Cuties Nursery - Come see us
50. Tiffany Campbell
51/52. Jackey Brake
53/54. Susan Hetrick
55. Donna Martin
56. Susie Price
57. Michelle Holdridge
58. Kenzies Dolls
59. Crystal Fonville
60. Amy Harp
61. Tiffany Arms
62. Samantha Gregory
63. Katina Fleming
64. Rachel LaFlamme
65. Caitlyn Bainum
66. Diane O’Daniel
67. Yelena Zasyatkina
68. Shara Gallo
69/70. Jeanna Hughes
71. Carrie Ball 
72. Meagan Denton
73. Gabby Donner
74/75. Adriana Moreno
76. Deannea Tranter
77. Amber Lovegrove
78. Jessica Collier
79. Kathie Kern
80. Linda Steiner
81. Monika Pendygraft
82. Kimberly Jones
83. Anna Peterson 
84/85. Shea Romero
86. Ginger Atherton
87/88. Angie Jones
89/90.  Rachelle Ferrell
91. Tona Love
92. Selena Jakovec
93. Stephanie Kingston
94. Ozetta Peoples
95. Marion White
To find out more information about classes, and attending the show, you can go
 here. which will take you to the event page.
If you are unable to attend the dolls this year, please take a look at Keepsake Cuties Nursery's Reborns and Silicone Dolls  on this page

THE  DOLLS OF THE WORLD EXPO, SHOW FOR 2023 IS NOW OVER, But plans are in the works for a 2024 Show, so check back with us for more information about the 2024 show.

Keepsake Cuties sold all their dolls at the show, but should you want a custom, feel free to contact us. 
Below are just some of the fun we had at the Dolls of the World Expo 2023. 
Keepsake Cuties Nursery at the Dolls of the World Expo
Dolls of the World Exhibitor 2023
Dolls of the World Expo - Awards Dinner food 2023
Dolls of the World Expo - Life Time Achievement Award 2023 for Laura Tuzio Ross
Dolls of the World Expo 2023  Exhibitor Kelli Maples Booth