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Cheap Reborn Dolls

Are you looking for Cheap reborn dolls? 

Is it possible to get a cheap reborn doll and not be scammed? Maybe, But I wanted to issue you a warning about looking for cheap reborn dolls. As an reborn doll artist for well over 10 years, I want to reach out to the public, and say buyer beware. Don’t be fooled by all the scammer sites that have been popping up all over Google and other search engines. Please do your research first, before you make a purchase.

How Is An Authentic Reborn Doll Made?

As an reborn artist I know first hand how, an authentic reborn doll is made, the supplies that are needed, the places to purchase authentic reborn doll kits, how to paint and root the mohair to create a lifelike doll to look like a realistic baby. I know how to assemble, take picture and market my dolls. All this takes time and a lot of patients and talent either learned or natural. Making a reborn doll takes many hours to complete, and it is not a fast process. Depending on the size of the reborn kit and the details, it can take me from 40 hours to well over 100 hours to make a realistic reborn doll. Grated every reborn doll artist is different on the amount of time it take and the supplies and techniques used to make a reborn doll. Imagine the time it cost a reborn artist to make a doll, the cost of the supplies and the cost to market and advertise a reborn doll. Are you getting the picture? The supplies alone can be over $100 for an open edition kit and over $200 plus dollars if it is a limited edition, then you have all the time to make the doll, buy supplies, and then time to market and sell the reborn doll.  So, what is your conclusion? Reborn dolls are NOT cheap. It cost the artist alone over $100 just to order the supplies. So, if you find a cheap reborn doll under $100, you are more than likely going to get scammed. How can a reborn artist produce a doll for you, if the supply cost is over $100 and then sell it to you for under $100? I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but what I am saying is if they sell it, the doll might not be what you expect.

So, What Is The Problem With Cheap Reborn Dolls?

The problem, I believe I have been seeing as well as other authentic reborn doll artist are seeing, is a lot of websites have opened up authentic looking stores, to use a bait and switch tactic.  They try to get you to buy a reborn doll cheap, by using authentic reborn doll artist photos, to advertise their products, then sending the customers china knock off, unrealistic mass produced dolls. I personally, had one of my photos’ stolen by these scammers and I reported them to Shopify ( the company that hosted one of these types of websites) and provide proof the photos belonged to me. The site was using my photo of Saskia to get reborn doll orders, for the cost of under $98. The cost of the authentic unpainted vinyl Saskia kit cost me over $120 alone to just purchase the vinyl parts. It cost me well over $300 in supplies just to make the finished Saskia reborn doll, of the picture they used. So, how could this scam site try to sell the doll for $ 98? I reported the site, and the photos was taken down, but the scammer site, just copied more authentic photos from other artist. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe Shopify is the only company that host these types of sites. What I found in my research, was that these sites were using, policies, artist photos, artist video’s from authentic reborn artist or reputable reborn sites, in an effort I believe to bait and switch out dolls to deceive the buyers. These sites can’t sell the actual dolls from the artist photo’s as they are individually created and no one can reproduce the exact doll, even if they are very talented artist. Most of the sites I found were from China, and the dolls they deliver are mass produced. and very poor quality with who knows what kind of materials are used. I believe, they are stealing the reborn artist sculptors reborn kits, then reproducing them into kits themselves, and then they find another reborn artist photo of the same kit, that looks so realistic and then uses that photo to sell the reborn doll on their site. But what I found on several Facebook reborn scam reporting sites, most of the buyers that actually received a doll from these scam sites, the work was not realistic and definitely not as pictured. The Buyers were disappointed, and some were upset as they bought from these scam sites for gifts for their kids. They felt they were deceived, as they didn’t get what the picture showed. 

Beware, Don’t get scammed- Buy from a Reborn Doll Artist, not China factory .

 Reborn Doll Scam - Bait and Switch

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

So, Can you buy a Cheap reborn doll? Maybe, but please do your homework and support actual reborn doll artist who make authentic reborn dolls. But to protect yourself here is a list of ways to do that:

  1. Don’t buy a Cheap reborn, unless you check with other reborn doll artist who can tell you if the site is legitimate. You can do this by going to Facebook and look up reborn scammer sites, or just contact a real reborn artist and ask them if they know anything about the site. Buy From An Artist not a Factory. Most Artist will only have a few dolls on their websites as it takes so long to make one.
  2. Compare the kit they are selling for example, my Saskia kit by Bonnie Brown that was used as mentioned above, look up the price of the actual kit, and ask yourself how can they buy an authentic kit and then spend hours making the finished doll if the price they are asking is under or around $100.
  3. You can also do a google image search on the images they are using on these sites and see if someone else has the same doll available, more then likely this means you could get scammed. Remember, reborn dolls are created by individual artist and not mass produced in a factory.
  4. Also, do your homework, read what a reborn doll is, how it is made, and the cost of making one. Contact a reputable reborn doll artist to ask questions about the art.
  5. Ask for a current photo of the doll they are saying they have in stock. Also, ask who the artist is, when the doll will be delivered, ask for a safety photo ( a photo of the actual doll with the date written on a piece of paper ) to show they actually have the doll as pictured. If they refuse to provide this information, move on and find someone who will. Most reborn artist are willing to provide the information you are asking for.
  6. Buy a reborn doll from a reborn doll show. There are many doll shows in the USA, throughout the year. Or contact the doll shows to find a list of reborn doll vendors.

I hope this helps you protect yourself. If you are already a victim, please report to the proper authorities. I will be happy to give you information or to point you in the right direction, when it comes to learning about reborn dolls. You can contact me here. I am also available to make you your own custom doll, I can work with your budget.

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