Reborn Doll Shows

Reborn Doll Shows in 2022

While the world is changing, so is the reborn doll world, as is the Reborn Doll Shows. For Keepsake Cuties Nursery we plan on attending 2 doll shows here in the USA. We Originally signed up for 4 this year, but two were completely and permanently shut down. These two are the International Doll And Teddy Bear Show that was held in Orlando, Florida as well as the Winter Doll Show that was Scheduled to be held in Las Vegas. We are sorry to see them go.

But, don't worry we are still attending two shows. Can you guess what that are? Well, if you  guessed Rose Doll Expo you are right. The Rose Doll Expo is now called - Friends of Rose Doll Show 2022. This is a result of the continuing pandemic. Rose decided to go smaller, since most international Buyers and Collectors are limited by travel restrictions. The Theme this year is : "Royal Fairytale". Oh, how fun. Keepsake Cuties Nursery will have a booth, location will be in Booth 644 Fairytale Lane (see map below). But rest assured, we will have some fabulous reborn dolls, silicone dolls and other surprises to offer. If you get a chance to stop by the reborn doll show, please plan on stopping at our booth. We will be giving away a reborn doll, just by signing up while you are there. 

Rose Doll Show 2022

You can learn more about the Rose Doll Show Here.


Kansas Doll Show 2022

The Second Reborn Doll Show that we will attend is the Kansas Doll show in Wichita, Kansas in September 3rd and 4th. the theme is Jungle related. This will also be an exciting show. We were there last year as it was the only one that we were able to attend due to the pandemic, and oh was it so much fun. I met so many wonderful and nice people.  We will be located at Booth # 7 near the back wall. Come find us and let us know you saw us here, we will have a special gift for you. 

You can find more information about Kansas Doll Show Here.