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What is the Purpose of a Reborn Doll and Why It Is Popular?

Reborn dolls have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, becoming coveted by doll collectors all over the world as well as individuals who use them for therapy in some form or other.

 What is a Reborn Doll’s purpose?

A reborn doll is a realistic-looking, life-like doll that is usually made from vinyl or silicone by an artist and not a factory. Reborn dolls are made on a small scale and not mass produced. They are created by individual reborn doll artist. These Artist buy authentic unpainted vinyl or silicone sculpts from sculptors or manufactures and then paint them, root mohair into them and the add eyes, lashes and assemble to make them look like a real baby. It is a very time-consuming process and can take many hours to make by the reborn artist.  Reborns vary in size, but often resemble newborn babies, complete with lifelike features.

 So, what is a reborn dolls purpose?

  • For Doll Collectors who want a more realistic doll then what the mass doll factories can make.
  • For therapeutic purposes, for people with alzheimer’s, depression, or anxiety.
  • For mature children, who want a more realistic doll then what is offered at the big box retail stores.
  • For Women or Men to fill an emotional void in their lives.
  • For role playing. Many people enjoy dressing up their reborn dolls in realistic baby clothes and accessories, and treating them like a real baby, down to giving hugs and cuddle, making them perfect for imaginative play.

 But the main purpose the reborn dolls are created is for Reborn Doll Collectors.  A collector knows the cost of materials and time it takes for artist to make these dolls, so they pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for them. Each Doll Collector having his or her individual reasons for buying the individual reborns.

 Reborn Doll purpose

Why are Reborn Dolls so Popular?

An authentic doll made by a reborn artist is popular for so many reasons, because it has so many benefits to the end purchaser. But here are a few reasons the reborn dolls are popular.

  • They look and feel like a real baby and not a factory painted doll.
  • They can be used for therapies for grief or illness, alzheimer’s, or anxiety to name a few.
  • They have a collectible value to Doll collectors.
  • They are for the most part One of a Kind, as they are made by individual reborn doll artist and can’t be reproduced by a factory.
  • A Reborn doll can be customized to look like a real baby in your family.
  • For some, they provide long term companionship.
  • They invoke an emotional response, after all they look and feel like a real baby.


For what ever purpose, you have for buying a reborn doll, make sure you are buying from an artist and NOT a factory doll manufacture. Due to Reborn Dolls being so popular, many scam sites are set up selling factory painted dolls and calling them reborn dolls, when in fact they are not authentic. Please do your research on this popular doll, before you buy. You can find  more information here. But here is a quick tip: If the reborn doll you are looking at purchasing is under $100, then it is highly likely a fake and massed produced. Most reborn doll collectors pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for an authentic reborn doll.

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