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Reborn doll Mohair Conditioner

Reborn doll Mohair Conditioner

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Reborn Mohair Conditioner and Detangler for your reborn vinyl dolls only. This is for one bottle approx. 4 oz.

After struggling to find a good quality mohair conditioner for my Reborn Babies, I did some research and found several products made for various types of animal hair, that I combined to make this special formula. I have used this product on my babies and found Great Results. Many of my reborn adoptive moms have asked me for this product, so I decided to make it available to all reborn lovers. This is a high quality product meant just for mohair and not mixed from baby care products, this is made for animal hair.

This Awesome Mohair Conditioner Product:
Adds Shine or sheen to lifeless Mohair
Takes away Frizz
Adds Soft Silky Feeling to the Mohair
Adds Moisture
De-tangles hair so you have less breakage
Can be used while rooting hair or to style on a regular basis

Always do a strand test before using on your reborn dolls, as there are many fiber artist that use various products to dye and color the mohair and other animal hair. This product is for only reborn dolls, and not for humans. Keep out of Reach of Children.

Directions: For Use ONLY on REBORN DOLLS! Spray a small mist and work into the hair, style and let it dry. Keep away from children and pets. This products contains oil, to help add sheen to the hair, so use caution around fabrics or clothes.

I have sold hundreds of bottles of this conditioner on evilbay, to many happy repeat buyers, but I have decided to offer it here as well. Any questions ask before you buy. Also, is you want to save money you can find my bulk conditioner here.
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