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REBORN DOLL TUTORIALS Guide Book from Secrist, tips tricks and supplies list

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Secrist guide and supply book from 2010-2011 

Excellent tutorials not available any where else. Features 10 tutorials along with many additional tips, tricks, and detailed accounts for better understanding reborning paints and tools along with supplies list.

(Taken directly from the manufacture )

The Reborning & Sculpting Tutorial and Product Guide is the only one of its kind in the entire reborning industry.  Find out what tens of thousands of reborners around the world have already discovered - the Secrist Guide is one of the most valuable reborning resources you have!

Features 10 tutorials along with many additional tips, tricks, and detailed accounts for better understanding reborning paints and tools.  The long product descriptions, informative introductions, and dual Reborning-Sculpting covers will make sure you treasure the Guidebook for years to come. 


  • Using Authentic Reborn Paint with RealSkin Reborn Technologies
  • Control Your Paint for Consistently Better Results
  • Avoid Costly Bruising with Internal Dry Wash Method
  • Most Natural Newborn Blush Textures
  • Enhancing Your Baby Through Lifelike Shading
  • Which is Best? Using Painted Vs. Penciled Eyebrows
  • Erase Mistakes With the Authentic Reborn Paint Eraser
  • Turn Orange Vinyl Into a Beautiful Lifelike Color
  • "Sculpted" Vinyl Body for Your Clay Sculpted Head (Special Sculpting Feature!)
  • Keeping a Sculpted Head from Cracking
  • Turning a Vinyl Doll into a Semi-Sculpted OOAK

Full Color Catalog Contents:- Secrist products and supplies used for reborning. This is a older catalog made in 2010-2011 and prices and items may no longer be available thru Secrist as they have now closed their store, but it is a Great reference for any Reborn Artist.  ( you are not getting products, but a catalog to show you products and tutorials - great reference)

    • Training DVDs & Starter Kits
    • Special Technique Tutorials & Photo Technique Guides
    • NEW Baby Dolls & Doll Parts (with more descriptions than ever!)
    • Paint Brushes & Painting Supplies
    • Authentic Reborn & Genesis Paints
    • Reborn Tools & Supplies
    • 12" - 19" Sleepers & Clothes 
    • Adorable Baby Embellishments
    • Sculpting & New Sculpting Supplies

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