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Reborn Toddler Doll - Emilia by Natali Blick

Reborn Toddler Doll - Emilia by Natali Blick

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Look at this Beautiful Toddler Doll - Emilia by Natali Blick. She is a long sold out Limited Edition Kit.  

Here are her details:

  • Size:   31.5"
  • Head Circ: 17 3/4"
  • Arms: Full vinyl
  • Legs: 3/4 standing legs with an armature that goes to her head for poseability
  • Eyes:  blue
  • Cloth Body:  with full arms and 3/4 legs, but she can stand on her own near a wall. She does have armature in her legs, arms and head. She can sit or stand. 
  • Edition:  LE of 942 Long sold out. No more will be produced of her.
  • Vinyl: Soft German
  • Painted: with genesis heat set paints for durability and sealed with genesis matt varnish.
  • Hair: her human hair took over a month and a half as it is a full head of hair just like a real toddler . So many options to fix her hair with a variety of outfits.


She sill come as picture  an extra set of clothes, as well as some other surprise goodies. 

Shipping only in the USA:

She will ship only in the USA. Shipping is free with this purchase.

Please read our terms and conditions, as all sales are final with no returns. She is a custom made doll and not factory produced. Many hours went into making this lovely little princess and she can be yours. 




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